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When a loved one is facing a life-limiting illness, the impact on the entire family can be profound. In such challenging times, The Care Team offers more than just support for the patient. An important part of our culture is to extend our compassion and services to support and uplift the entire family during the hospice journey.

Emotional and Psychosocial Support

The Care Team is comprised of skilled healthcare professionals, social workers, counselors, specialized therapists, chaplains and volunteers. We provide individual and family counseling and therapies that can facilitate open conversations about fears, grief, and other end-of-life concerns. At the same time, we are also focused on living, sharing memories, and enjoying the time together.

Our support is centered on the individual and our team takes the time to learn all about the patient, who and what they love, and how they want to spend their time. We are also there to help family members navigate their emotions, find solace, and build resilience throughout the process. Often our support extends beyond the life of the patient and we are there to help guide families through the bereavement process.

Education and Guidance

The Care Team’s hospice team members are dedicated to empowering families with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of end-of-life care. In addition to caring for patients, they also work to educate family members about the progression of the illness, the management of symptoms, and the availability of resources that might be helpful to everyone.

Our goal is to provide helpful information so that we can help guide families in making informed decisions and to help them actively participate in their loved one’s care. This special touch can make the difference in the grieving process. Although it will not eliminate the sting of the loss, it can help to provide special moments of peace and connection during a difficult time.

Respite Care

The Care Team recognizes the need for family caregivers to take breaks and prioritize self-care throughout the process. That’s why we have respite care services to allow caregivers to step away temporarily while knowing their loved one is in our capable hands. This respite period can help family members rejuvenate and regain strength, which ultimately enhances their ability to provide the care their loved one needs.

Bereavement Support

With The Care Team, the hospice journey does not end with the passing of a loved one. We acknowledge the grieving process and extend our support to family members after the patient’s death. We offer bereavement services to help individuals cope with their loss, providing counseling, support groups, and resources to navigate the grieving process. As hospice care professionals, we understand that grief is unique to each individual and provide ongoing support for as long as it is needed.

Whole Person & Family Support

Hospice care acts as a central hub, coordinating a variety services individualized to ensure the best care for the patient and family. Our support includes collaborating with medical professionals, arranging necessary equipment and medications, and facilitating communication among the entire healthcare team. By streamlining these logistics, our hospice care reduces the burden on family members, allowing them to focus on spending quality time with their loved one.

The Care Team goes well beyond the traditional and expected health care services and work with the patient to integrate music, pet, massage, and aroma therapies, each with trained and licensed professionals, who add extra comfort and care. Volunteers are another important part of the care team, bringing extra assistance and companionship.

Although hospice care is talked about as a circle of support for life-limiting illness, The Care Team approach is focused on the concept of living, and making the most of this time for the individual and their loved ones. This is a philosophy that extends far beyond the patient and is inclusive of the entire family.

By celebrating life, the individual, and the family system, as well as addressing emotional needs, offering education and guidance, providing respite care, offering bereavement support, and coordinating services, our hospice care plays a vital role in supporting the well-being of the patient and family members. During this challenging journey, the holistic care provided by The Care Team ensures that families receive the compassion, understanding, and assistance they need.

To learn more about The Care Team’s hospice services, please contact us.

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