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Committed to Compliance

At The Care Team, our commitment to excellence includes carrying out our work with honesty and integrity, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We maintain the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and accountability. Our attention to compliance helps enable us to provide top quality patient care and maintain a work environment in which our team members can thrive.

Our Compliance Program

To support our commitment to compliance, The Care Team has established a compliance program that promotes ethical and legal conduct in alignment with our mission, care philosophy and core values.  Our compliance program:

  • articulates standards of conduct for all our team members;
  • includes written policies and procedures to guide appropriate business practices;
  • utilizes team member training and education to promote an understanding of the rules and regulations that govern our business;
  • includes systems and controls for protecting against identified compliance risks;
  • utilizes monitoring and auditing to assess the effectiveness of our compliance controls and identify areas for corrective action and improved processes;
  • provides resources for our employees, contractors, patients and their caregivers to request information and report compliance-related concerns; and
  • includes mechanisms for resolving compliance difficulties as they occur.

This compliance program is overseen by our Compliance Director with support from Compliance Managers.

Compliance Hotline

The Care Team maintains a compliance hotline as a confidential and anonymous means of communication for team members, patients, family members, caregivers and others to communicate with our compliance team.  You may contact the Compliance Hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 248-212-0221 to raise compliance-related concerns or report suspected wrongdoing.

The Care Team strives to maintain confidentiality for any individual who makes a compliance-related report (through the compliance hotline or other channels), as long as doing so is permitted by law and consistent with appropriate investigation protocols. We value those who help us detect potential misconduct and we prohibit any form of retribution toward anyone who reports a possible compliance violation in good faith.

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